Chinese brands’ communication and distribution channel building in Europe

We analyze the requirements of our clients and provide creative, specific and efficient marketing &promotion solutions and plans. We design suitable market positions for our clients and develop a range of marketing tools to enrich the content and meaning of brand, we are also dedicated to increase brand’s influence.


  • Consultation services:
    Marketing strategy; brand auditing; publicity auditing; ideas and recommendations; strategic planning; orientation of marketing mix;
    Qualitative and quantitative research; industry tracking, etc.
  • Brand platform and performance:
    Brand area; brand positioning; new brand introduction and release; redeployment of existing brands; brand name and signature design
  • Content strategy:
    Define brand style; creative protection; brand content

PR strategies of Chinese brands’ internationalization:

  • Digital and social media
    Strengthen and optimize the customers’ internet platform from the perspective of European audiences, specific long-term strategic promotion plan in correspondence of European market
    /Digital Strategy and Social Media Group Management /European Market Network Platform Development /European Mobile Internet Marketing Development and Management
  • Advertising and Media
    Promote the ideas of clients’ brands through selected media. Highlight the brand’s deep historical reputation, maximizing the influence of brand culture into the mind of European consumers, thus realizing the cultivation of the European consumers’ market./Creative Advertising / Media plan
  • International Public Relations Activities
    We help our clients develop their target audiences to enhance brand reputation. Seeking innovations, new ideas, creating large-scale public relations campaign with unique and emotional impact./public relation tools; pr events ;blog & media relations
    /event management ; branded content building
    /event venues’ recommendation; target audiences identification; project management
    /exhibition position design; organization and deployment guide; event promotion
  • Blog and media relations
    Manage and monitor public and media relations, recommend and launch blog recommendations Media releases and media relations.
    Invitation letter, group email and follow-up reminder
    Brand Ambassador projects; online public relations.

Chinese brand international distribution establishment:

We will conduct professional marketing activities to present the unique charm of Chinese national brands and profound cultural heritage, enhance the influence of Chinese brands in the international market, and meanwhile promote the strategic cooperation between Chinese brands and European distributors’ network.